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Compassionate Veterinary Care
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At East Side Animal Hospital, we share the same compassion for your pets as we do our own. Whether your companion animal is a dog, cat, bird, or exotic, we guarantee your furry, feathered, or scaly friend will receive only the best and most comfortable care from our experienced and professional team of veterinarians and staff.

If you are looking to adopt a new companion, we’ve got you covered there, too. Our Caring Hearts Orphanage pet adoption program makes certain that you are paired with the perfect match.

We invite new clients and regulars alike to visit our modern facility centered in Evansville, Indiana, also serving Newburgh and other surrounding towns. Schedule a visit to East Side Animal Hospital today!

To ensure ease of complete pet health care, we offer:

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“The doctors and staff at East Side Animal Hospital are outstanding. They are courteous, caring, and thorough! I board my dog frequently there, and she likes it almost as much as her home. I know I can trust the staff to take good care of her.

Thanks to everyone at East Side Animal Hospital for the great work you do!”
—Earl Kirk
Owner of Betty (Dalmatian)