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Our Pet Pharmacy Offers
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Veterinary Pharmacy

When it comes to your pet’s medications, East Side Animal Hospital brings a whole new meaning to the word “convenience.” The days of driving to a separate building across town for retrieval of your pet’s prescribed drugs are over. Our pharmacy is located inside our animal clinic, which means you can bring your pet in for an animal wellness check-up and pick up your animal’s prescriptions or over-the-counter (OTC) medications all in one visit!

We also offer a fantastic online pharmacy feature called Vetsource Online Pharmacy that allows you to order prescriptions (provided you have obtained proper authorization through your veterinarian), over-the-counter medications and preventives, and nutritious specialty foods from the comfort of your own home. Orders can be mailed directly to your door. From Vetsource, you are also able to track your pet’s medication routine, receive important reminders, and refill prescriptions at your convenience without ever taking a step outdoors. Vetsource Online Pharmacy is licensed to sell in Indiana; they purchase all of their products directly from the medication manufacturers, ensuring they are safe and effective products.

Flea and tick preventives, as well as heartworm medications, are among the most popular over-the-counter and prescription drugs requested. We strongly advise discussing these defensive treatments with our veterinarians before use. There are several different brands (most notably of flea preventives) floating around the market that may actually be harmful to your pet, but we guarantee you will find only the most trusted and safe products at our in-house pharmacy in Evansville, Indiana. As with any medication, please remember to thoroughly read all directions and label instructions prior to administration. If you have any questions, please contact our pet pharmacy as we are always happy to assist with any inquiries.

Veterinary Pharmacy
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